Frozen and Perishable Logistics Intelligence

Say goodbye to wasted food, refunds, and delayed deliveries. Frost's AI-powered platform gives you real-time visibility, predictive analysis, and automation to keep your shipments on track.

Why Frost?

Reduce Waste and Improve Margins

Reduce waste and improve your margins with Frost's logistics platform for frozen and perishable E-commerce companies, which helps you proactively prevent errors, reduce delays, and avoid costly waste.

Get Unprecedented Visibility and Control

Get unprecedented visibility and control over your logistics operations with Frost's centralized dashboard, real-time AI delay predictions, and workflow automation, allowing you to stay on top of your shipping operations and ensure timely, accurate deliveries.

Streamline Your Operations and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction with Frost's logistics platform, which helps you proactively prevent delays, reduce waste, and provide better customer service using real-time visibility, predictive analysis, and workflow automation.

Streamline your frozen product delivery

Centralized Dashboard

Connect all of your apps and see all your shipping data in one place. Make more informed decisions and take proactive actions to keep your shipments on track.

Real-Time AI Delay Predictions

Our real-time AI delay predictions give you the ability to monitor potential delays, disruptions, weather events, and carrier delivery records before they become major problems.

Workflow Automation with Triggers

Set custom rules for each order, automate and customize your fulfillment process. Make your operations more efficient and deliver a great customer experience with our flexible rule-setting tools.

Request a demo and see how our product can help logistics.

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